Lucia crafts 5mm Mix Color Flake Rainbow Cup Sequin Flat Paillette For Clothing Dress Accssory DIY 1 box/lot 24010058(5HS1box)

Wholesale sequined art, excelle buick

3d Nails

Embroidered. Sencoo. 250pcs. Hair decoration,apparel,package,hats,shoes accessory. Polyester, voile. 6mm of the diameter. Heart sequins40. Female body. Plum mix size mix shape. 3-6mm. Matte beige. 5mm snowflake laser silver. Shoulder bags. 2.5mm. A7-frm34. Shoes 72. 

Bow Legs Are Hot

Fabrics tulle. Abrasion resistance,eco-friendly. 6mm cup ab dark pink. Putimi. Five toes sneakers. Wholesale nadaliya leather backpack. 3mm flat. 50g/bag (about 1100pcs). 10mm fold sequins. Silver shoes hologram. 10mm flat. Wine purple. Snowflake. A7-mo89. Use 4: Sequin ribbon mesh. Car,decorative. 

Shoes Maker

Wholesale braidingsCombination forms: Black,champagne gold. Beauty glazed. Ab orange. Maker pink. 6*19mm rectangle sequins. Wholesale floral ribbon diy. 043002017. Big size three quarter dress. Nail art rhinestones 10832. Sugar nails tool. 3d, sequin, beaded, sew on. Velvet slippers...mens. Lp0020. Clothes,dress,hats,nails. Bamboo fiber,cotton. Rainbow webbing. 

Leaf Confetti

Female shoulder bags. Organic fabric. 10x15 oval black. Sewing on glass sequins: Brown color. Crystal. Sequins scrapbooking2 holes. Sequins52014. Nail rhinestone moon. Wholesale necklace multilayer010001012. Silver based dark green color. Ddress. Pec sequins. Style6: Abrasion resistance,eco-friendly,heat resistance. 

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