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No one is perfect, not even a celebrity. The bottom line is, we are all humans and humans does make mistakes. To err is nature. Dont be too hard on yourself. No matter what, you still have your boyfriend and your family. They are the one who will always stand by you no matter what. They love you and dont you forget that. Cheer up lovely you will get through this negativity.

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The film was commercially successful and started a trend of “record-breaking” gang bang pornography. Academically gifted, she majored in Fine Arts and subsequently qualified in web applications development, before retiring from the adult industry completely in Quek was born and raised in Singapore in a middle-class Protestant Singaporean Chinese family.

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With quite a mysterious resemblance to Dawn Yang with whom Xiaxue has been embroiled in a love-hate, bitter-sweet relationship for such a long time, I guess the temptation to obsess over Eunice was hard to resist. While Xiaxue was almost unheard of a decade ago at 20 , Eunice has already at 20 made it as Embassadors of Maybelline and Sunsilk, a model, actress and more …. For Xiaxue, she had to do something drastic to single herself out, make up for her height deficiency, and feed her obsession for fame.

Even her various blog awards failed to yield her desired attention, and aggravated by plastic surgery failures, her next plan is to subject her hair to painstaking bleach rituals every other week in order to achieve striking hair colors that would make it impossible for people not to notice her everywhere she went. Without those flamboyant hairdos, would people automatically recognize her looking like this?

Years later in when she was already a famous blogger having amassed many sponsorships, awards and even having hosted her own TV show, Xiaxue was STILL not contented with her amount of fame. So absorbed was she lusting after fame, even to the point of crossing the line to ABUSING it, that she probably did not even notice how disintegrated and divided a team Nuffnang has been reduced to — due to her sowing discord among her peers Dawn Yang, Kay Kay, Silver Ang and Peggy Heng — and leaving just about 4 remaining main players that basically make up what Nuffnang represents today.

Who cares about being a brand embassador…. Having exhausted all available desperate measures to establish her popularity notoriety, and STILL deeply rooted in dissatisfaction, Xiaxue was left growing increasingly insecure over the popularity of other famous bloggers. I cannot fathom how much more she can outdo herself in this Hypocrites department, for even her love-hate relationship with best friend Kay-Kay seems to pale in comparison to any of this!

The magazine is nowhere to be found in Singapore anymore as the title had been pulled off the shelf! This was a game show that had celebrities ask other celebrities trick questions about Singapore and whatever amounts won by giving correct answers or wrong answers were donated to charity. Yet another desperate and hypocritical attempt at publicity. She cannot make it lah..

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On one corner we have Eunice Annabel —major beauty and lifestyle blogger, model and actress. Though SGAG may have been a tad unrefined with their remarks, Anabel took it in her stride with a sporting reply and the meme-makers replied in jest. Things however got a little vicious as Anabel returned to Twitter almost seven hours later with a stinger that came out of nowhere.

Xiaxue pls come put this girl in her right place…. Things came slowly to an end when Anabel brought up a lesson on being classy, and SGAG shot right back with a righteous point.

Grace Quek (born May 22, ), stage name Annabel Chong, is a retired Singaporean-born Spoken Wikipedia icon. This audio file was created from a revision of this article dated April 10, , and does not reflect subsequent edits.

This article was originally published on VulcanPost. The model and growing actress is slowly but surely establishing herself both online and offline. From the looks of it, Eunice seems to have left all of that behind, and is bravely entering the year armed with both her determination and encouragement from people around her. Way to go! It is also a platform I utilise to earn an income. Probably the best thing ever invented! Thank you Eunice, for sharing with us the apps that get to be part of your life.

On to one more app on my phone! Apps I Live By is a series where we take sneak peeks into the smartphones of influential personalities. Last year, we discovered numerous new apps and the favourites of many accomplished individuals.

Blazing into Jaze Phua’s world of film

We spoke to Instagrammer Calista and found that she’s much more mature than her youthful looks let on! Here are the apps that Singaporean miniature food artist, Jocelyn, uses to grow her entrepreneurial ideas. Starting out at the young age of 15, Tammy’s blogshop Ohsofickle has since grown into one of the more popular online shopping brands in Singapore. We take a sneak peek into the homescreen of Jeneen’s smartphone and get to know the apps that she lives by!

You might know her as a panel judge and expert at events such as the Her World Beauty Awards , but there’s more to Roseanne Tang than you’d think. Today, Fredrik shares with us the apps that get to be part of his lifestyle as a game designer and staying true to his motto: “If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Come join in the fun. May 23, ALUMNI: The New Paper New Face alumni Sharin Keong (above) and Eunice Annabel · Singapore.

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‘Zest for life’ or constipated? Eunice Annabel and SGAG wage Twitter war

After Hours is an online production where four Singaporean social influencers — Eunice Annabel , Audrey , Dew , and Johnathan , discuss anything to do with love, sex and relationship. All those conversations that society has been trying to keep in inside the closet, they take it online. According to studies conducted on adults aged between 20 to 59, women have an average of 4 sex partners while men have an average of 7 during their lifetime.

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Interviews Youth features Movies. He once ate bread and instant noodles for three weeks while working on numerous photography and graphic design jobs — just to make enough money to fund his films. Aspiring filmmaker Jaze Phua , 25, recalled the time he worked on his first film: “I couldn’t afford to pay people well, so I had to resort to pulling strings and paying actors token sums instead of following the actual market rate.

Jaze barely scraped by in between paychecks from his freelance jobs when he first started out in filming.

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Eunice Annabel was born on the 22nd of January, She is best known for being a Blogger. She posted a collaborative video with Scherezade Shroff in September Singaporean lifestyle blogger and social media influencer who has served as a brand ambassador for Maybelline and Sunsilk. She also runs an Instagram account boasting over , followers. The year-old blogger was born in Singapore. She began modeling part-time for online fashion stores in when she was 16 years old. She played the role of Kaylin Tang on the television drama in

Feeling lost in social media world

Actress Eunice Annabel Lim says she can identify with the plight of a disillusioned social media star character in her new online drama A Selfie’s Tale. She once felt lost like the male lead, played by actor Joshua Tan. In the show, which airs on Toggle It First next month, he throws a party thinking people will show up because he is well known on social media.

Actress Eunice Annabel Lim says she can identify with the plight of a disillusioned social media star character in her new online drama A.

Our 2nd Anniversary! Oh boy. It’s been 2 years since I got together with Fai. Time really flies. So much has happened, so much has changed and we have really grown more mature compared to how we both were when we first met. For those of you who still aren’t aware of how we got together, here’s how :. I was 17, he was Which means, Fai included.

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Have a tall glass of water ready, because CLEO has trawled the island for the creme de la creme of the male species. Alfred studied Molecular Biotechnology for his diploma, but it didn’t take him long to realise that a life in science wasn’t for him. He had always been interested in fashion and so decided to do a degree in PR and mass communication before landing a job in the skincare industry as a marketing and communications manager. He claims he’s an “ahjumma at heart”, and has been cooking since he was nine years old.

According to our records Eunice Annabel might be single. Eunice Annabel wiki. Bio: Singaporean lifestyle blogger and social media influencer who has served.


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