Impact Wrestling Genesis Results (1/16/14) – The New Beginning

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Kresa has an athletic background in ice hockey , which her father encouraged her to pursue. Cloud State University for two years. She made her in-ring re-debut at the event, participating in a Knockout gauntlet match to crown the first-ever Knockout Champion.

Mike Adams, who must stop Odell, Saquon and teach Eric Reid. that the Giants offense already runs through the young tailback. With just yards and no touchdowns to date this year, Beckham is still looking for his.

First off, let’s not dismiss what Lesnar did in UFC. Granted, he had few fights as proven by his record, but he was at the very top of the sport as the heavyweight champion after his defeat of legend Randy Couture. He also brought in the strongest fan base of anyone to ever be in UFC, which is growing by leaps and bounds. He’ll be missed there tremendously, but UFC will survive. It’s sad to think of UFC without Lesnar. It’s also sad that some people I were around Saturday night and some message boards I read earlier this morning were mocking Lesnar for losing Friday night.

Lesnar’s success speaks for itself. Accomplishing all he did in UFC after having numerous battles with the intestinal disease diverticulitis is even more impressive. Having battled similar issues as Lesnar, I can attest to the toll a disease like this can put on someone. Lesnar had 12 inches of his colon removed! His disease could have killed him.

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Exclusive: WWE Producing ‘Unreleased’ Macho Man Randy Savage DVD for – Name & Release Date WWE – Booby Roode & Eric Young Promo in TNA IMPACT Wrestling Eric Young and ODB vs. Booker T from WCW Nitro on the Macho Man bluray exclusive matches was actually on The Best.

ODB is one of the most unique and well respected people in the wrestling world. Her real persona just jumps off the screen and connects with the audience in a way most wrestlers could only dream of. And, Impact Wrestling — The place where ODB cemented her place in wrestling history, is paying back her hard work through the years with an amazing act of kindness. How cool is that? If you use this content on your respective sites, which we encourage you to do, please link back to our page. Holy Crap!

I was NOT expecting this! You never know what could happen when I go back to TNA! I was smoking that night just like any other night.

ODB (wrestler)

You can listen to the entire episode at this link and below are some interview highlights:. I actually landed a really good gig. He has a bar now right on the beach, Daytona Beach. We have not set a date yet.

Just read this on ODB’s wikipedia (yeah, I know it’s probably not true, especially..​. Join Date: Dec Who wrote that still beleives in kayfabe. Real life Eric.

Erik Beaston is a freelance pro wrestling writer who likes long walks in the park, dandelions and has not quite figured out that this introduction is not for Match. Be jealous. With that out of the way, Eric Young’s reign as TNA champion was weird in that the company was unapologetic in its attempt to copy Daniel Bryan’s rise to championship status in WWE.

In fact, it was just days after Bryan reigned supreme that Young stunned the wrestling world by capturing the TNA heavyweight title. The Canadian-born star detailed his journey from the bottom to the top, not to mention all of the bumps and bruises he endured to get there. It was an inspirational story, for sure, but one that rubbed many fans the wrong way.

Not only was it a blatant attempt to recreate the buzz around Bryan’s ascension, it also made little sense in the context of TNA’s storylines. He was superhero knockoff Super Eric, demonstrated notable fear of Sting and wrestled celebrity Danny Bonaduce in a pay-per-view pre-show match. Championship material was the last thing he was. It did not make sense and fans tuned out in droves.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Some of the Oddest Couples in Wrestling History

It was inevitable that TNA women’s champion Awesome Kong would mix it up with male wrestlers, and last night on Impact it was revealed that she would be a participant in the tag-team title tournament at the Sacrifice pay-per-view on May With Kong’s size — she’s listed at 5 feet 9, pounds — and aggressive style, viewers will most likely not have a problem accepting her as a physical threat to the men.

I think it’s a good move because it’s a chance for TNA to do something different. The only woman to compete against men on a regular basis in a major promotion in recent history is Chyna, who did it in WWE in the late s.

He reminds us that he has a date with Aces & Eights, and asks the fans to Eric Young gets into the ring and ties up with Taryn Terrell, then lets her Tara begs off and extends her hand, and ODB really should know better.

The history of TNA storylines saw many ups and downs for fans that have remained loyal to the promotion throughout its entire run. Romantic storylines became a stronger part of TNA when the Knockouts division was created. Much like any other promotion with romantic angles, there was a mix of both positive and negative moments. The talent with strong performances or great chemistry typically sold their romance. Find out which duos hit a home run, and which missed the mark.

These are the five best and five worst on-screen couples in TNA history. Despite having no real experience in wrestling, Karen knew how to get heel heat and make the audience hate her. Karen’s return with Jeff Jarrett allowed her to perfect the act, as she had even more heel heat after leaving Kurt for Jeff in real life. They found more success together in AAA as the heel heat in Mexico was on the next level. Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky started dating off-screen and it led to them getting together on television as well.

Both talents were popular faces at the time, so putting them together to use their real-life chemistry made sense. The end of their romance off-screen caused the storyline to fall apart. Sabin started playing an emotionally abusive boyfriend that often looked foolish in the ring to match his ridiculous character. It essentially made him irrelevant in TNA.

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Bischoff is introduced as a surprise commentator but he has to tweet something on the way to the ring. Eric Young vs. There are blue lights in the arena for some reason, making it look like a more laid back Sin Cara match. Eric locks up with the referee to start before things speed up. Young keeps running until Kaz gets on the mic and calls him a buffoon. Kaz wants none of this tomfoolery so he heads back inside, only to be caught in an armbar.

Impact Wrestling Taping, February 27, (Airdate March 1) ODB w/ Eric Young def. Madison Rayne w/ Gail Kim. IMAGE DETAILS.

Kresa’s athletic background is in ice hockey, which her father encouraged her to pursue. She was the captain of the first girls’ team at her high school and played at St. Cloud State University for two years. She began watching professional wrestling as a child. She enjoyed watching wrestlers such as The Killer Bees. She originally desired to be on the show American Gladiators. She hired a personal trainer in anticipation of her wrestling training. She made the top 25, but missed the final cut for the show.

Back home in Minnesota , she began training and was soon wrestling in independent wrestling promotions all over the Midwest, facing men such as Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari. Three days later, she lost to Mae in a rematch, beginning a feud between the two in the process.

are eric and odb really married?

With her flask and intentionally lewd mannerisms both inside and out of the six-sided ring, Jessica Kresa proves there’s more to women’s wrestling than being “just another pretty face. Kresa, who wrestles under the name ODB in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, has been one of the highlights of her company’s “Knockouts” division since its inception in October Though their division’s only one year old, TNA’s female wrestlers have taken women’s wrestling to the next level in terms of shock value, support and popularity, and one would have a hard time arguing ODB didn’t contribute to the division’s success.

TNA’s “big year ahead” isn’t limited to its female wrestlers, either. In its sixth year, the company has seen much growth and progress since it started with weekly pay-per-views shows in Nashville, Tenn.

Eric Young and ODB-TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Wrestling Rules, Wrestling Wwe,. Wrestling Jessica Kresa O.D.B TNA Wrestling Rules, Wrestling Superstars, Wwe Tna, Referee, Bell First dates are awkward, no matter which way you slice ’em. Your Adult ADHD May Actually Be Anxiety — Medical Daily.

The show opened with a video package on Against All Odds with the James Earl Jones announcer doing the usual lines about dreamers and evolving and having an arm raised in the air once the dust settles. Backstage: The Angle limo pulled up backstage and out popped Karen, one of her daughters, and Borash. Karen was in her wedding dress. Borash pulled out a mic and Karen talked glowingly about Kurt having never done anything this romantic for her before. Suddenly, Eric Young walked in and said he has a battle with a real monster today.

How many hats can one person wear? In-ring: Jim Cornette was in center ring. He brought out Samoa Joe for another attempt to sign the contract. Cornette said there are no interrupts tonight. That explains everything. Christian said before Joe sign the deal, he needs to get some things straight.

Butt Monkey/Professional Wrestling

Wrestling has a rich history of romantic couples. But to clarify the criteria up front: This is NOT looking at real-life wrestling couples whose relationships haven’t been openly acknowledged on camera. While it may be fun to gossip about, say, Batista’s backstage conquests, it would be damn near impossible to rank them unless of course, you’re Batista. If they were a couple both on-and-off screen Did the couple show chemistry on-screen?

Don’t laugh ; you’ll see on this list that some real-life couples ranked lower because they didn’t.

on this writer’s behalf that he is actually a fan of Eric Young, dating all the With that out of the way, Eric Young’s reign as TNA champion was LONG been a comedic character in the company, marrying ODB and.

She gets punched in the face, slammed to the ground and choked with a chain. She is a flask-toting, trash-talking gal whose main goal is to annihilate the competition. She even finds that some men are scared off once they discover her profession. As soon as she saw wrestling on TV, she knew that was what she wanted to do. Her love of wrestling turned out to be misfortune, though, for her brother, on whom she admits to practicing from time to time.

Now in adulthood, the once-shy Kresa is the outrageous ODB, and she feels no disrespect from fans for being who she is. Kresa began wrestling independently in and was picked up by TNA a year ago. Since then, she has quickly catapulted herself to fame as one of the most recognizable female wrestlers on the show. She is part of a wave of tough-hitting, unruly females making their way to the top and breaking the mold while fighting their way there.

10 Weirdest TNA Storylines Ever

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So, I am actually opening up a restaurant called ODB’s Barbecue. It is going to be right next We have not set a date yet.” On working as a On her former husband Eric Young’s success in WWE NXT: “I love how all those.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes, love is in the air, and love has struck a chord with the wrestling business over the years. There are real couples in the business Stephanie McMahon and Triple H , and there are those who were a match made in grappling lore Edge and Vickie Guerrero. We cannot name all of them, but we can certainly enjoy some of them. While Eddie Guerrero and Chyna did not make the list, nor did Edge and Lita, there are others we may have forgotten over the years.

All of this may be in fun, but on Cupid’s day, it is important to remember that love bites, and sometimes, love bleeds. And in the world of professional wrestling, it leads to “pain” in most cases. Two former champions. You figure, in “mainstream” circles, this would be a match made in heaven—not even close. This “union” seems more about the fact they are oddities together. Add Hornswoggle to the mix and it would seem the circus is in town. Sometimes, it makes you wonder which one is the wife in this relationship and how much longer these two will be holding the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles.

ODB could kick his ass and Eric Young, who is a fine wrestler in his own right, has been subjected to the role of the village idiot. The idea of the two of them being married is really cool, but at some point, the relationship or the tag team tandem must end.

Eric Young Searches for His 68?

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